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Pizhichil or Kayaseka is a speciality Ayurvedic treatment known for its exemplary benefits in healing. Pizhichil is the squeezing of warm medicated oil onto the body of the patient for a fixed duration of time. Pizhichil literally means squeezing. Pizhichil is a type of Sarvangdhara. Sarvanga means the whole body and dhara means stream. Thus, Sarvangadhara refers to pouring a stream of oil on the whole body.

The therapy is a perfect combination of two classical Ayurvedic treatments called as Snehana (oil masage) and Swedana (heat treatment). Pizhichil is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nervous weakness and helps to arrest the aging process.


The whole body is bathed in streams of lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage. More than five liters of medicated oil is used in this therapy. Pizhichil protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life. Luke warm medicated herbal oil is applied all over the body from a piece of cloth that is periodically soaked in a vessel containing the oil for about 45- 60 minutes per day for a period of 7,14 or 21 days.

Ayurvedic Pizhichil Treatment benefits:

  • Pizhichil relieves body pain and muscle spasms,
  • This helps in the healing of fractured bones,
  • This increases immunity and prolongs lifespan,
  • It promotes development of muscles,
  • This improves skin complexion,
  • It has anti aging properties and helps preserve and promote optimum health
  • This improves blood circulation,
  • The therapy is soothing ,relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, neurological disorders, sexual weakness and nervous weakness.