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Leucorrhoea is one of the most common gynecological problems.In ayurveda this is known as Swetha pradara.


Leucorrhoea is strictly defined as excessive normal discharge according to modern science. This is catarrhal discharge from mucus membrane of the female genital tract. It may be due to specific pathology or due to poor health and unhygienic condition of female genital organ.

Discharge may vary from white to reddish or thick and viscid with or without foul smell due to underline infection. The symptoms of excessive discharge may be subjective and it requires clinical and laboratory assessment to confirm whether it is normal excess or an infective discharge.

In normal excess,it may appear just before and after menstrual bleeding.

  1. Common causes of abnormal vaginal discharges are

    1.Non infective where nonpurulent ,non offensive vaginal discharge.

    2.Infective where purulent or frothy yellow discharge/curdy white discharge etc according to type   of organism involved or cervicitis (mucoid discharge).


    4.Foreign body like unhygienic tampon insertion or mechanical irritation where offensive,    copious,purulent and blood stained discharges are seen.

  1. Symptoms

        Itching in genital path with foul smell.

        Spot on under garments through out menstrual cycle

        Irregular menses

        Low back pain

        Loss of weight with digestive disturbances.

  1. Ayurvedic management for swetha pradara in case of infection.

Internal medications like Musalikhadiradi kashayam or Pathrangasavam or Pushyanuga choornam, Shatavari etc should be given strictly under ayurvedic physician.

  1. External therapies

        1. Pichu dharanam with astringent taste herbs like panchavalkalam.

        2.Kshalanam or douching with triphala choornam to reduce infection.

        3.Uttara vasti.

  1. Diet

        Avoid Fried and spicy and sour food items .

        Fasting for long hrs not allowed.

        Intake of koova podi (arrow root powder)is strongly recommended in case of cervicitis/p>