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                       ALOPECIA AREATE

This nonscary condition appears as sharply defined non inflamed bald patches , usually on the scalp.This condition may affect the eyebrows,eyelashes and beared. Pitting and longitudinal wrinkling of nail may be seen. The hair usually regrows spontaneously in small bald patches , and the outlook is less good with large patches and when the alopecia appears early in life or is associated with atopy.


Successful treatment of Alopecia is difficult ant management of these patients include support and reassurance .The underlying condition should be treated.

Ayurvedic management include:

  1. Local application of medicated oils

2.Oral medications including immunomodulators(eg Arogyavardhani, Gandhaka rasayana,etc),medicines to strengthen bone (as hair grows from Asthi)like medicated gruthas, to reduce stress like Brahmi etc.

Medicines should be taken with proper doctor advice .

  1. Panchakarma therapies like nasya
  2. Leech therapy.