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Ayurvedic Massage & its Health Secrets

Ayurvedic Massage & its Health Secrets


Ayurveda is all about the science of holistic healing and is a comprehensive plan to achieve the perfect health for all people. Massage with ayurvedic oils can relieve your mind and body from many kinds of stresses and toxic builds ups. Massage with ayurvedic oil is a positive way of unlocking the inborn healing ability and empowers you to maintain your body’s optimum health.
Many of us will be experiencing high levels of stress by the pace and pressure of our busy lives and this will have a negative effect on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Our skin is the largest organ in the body performing various functions to keep healthier body. A safe,gentle and therapeutic touch produces relaxation response and heart and breathing rate becomes slow, stress hormone decreases and your muscle relaxes. The special quality of ayurvedic oils and the massage techniques helps in the permeation of medicinal value and healing properties of nature to pass through the minute channels in the body and penetrate deep layer of tissue.

Abhyangam can be used therapeutically and is designed around each individual, to suit their illness or condition.

Benefits of Abhyanga

•  Increases the softness of skin and gives healthy glow.
•  Decreases the effects of aging.
•  Improves vision.
•  Nourishes the body.
•  Increases longevity.
•  Better ,deeper sleep.
•  Strengthens the body’s tolerance.
•  Imparts a firmness to the limbs.
•  Increases blood circulation.
•  Stimulates the internal organs of the body.

This is an effective treatment that can increase the production of white blood cells and antibodies that provide greater resistance against viruses and various diseases. It helps to activate defense mechanism in the body and increases immunity power against various environmental changes. Thus Abhyangam body massage is a protector and a rejuvenator and also increases the self-confidence and determination.