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Beauty care in Ayurveda

Beauty care in Ayurveda


Beauty  care in ayurveda
   Ayurveda defines beauty as "subhanga karanam" which means transforming all aspects of your body,mind and soul to the highest level of auspiciousness.
Ayurveda revolves around the concept  of tridoshas _Vata,Pitta and Kapha. It is believed that the balance of these doshas helps in  leading a healthy life which reflects on the appearance and skin of the body. First we have to analyse the skin type ,then we can  choose correct line of treatment to balance the vitiated  doshas.3basic skin types_Vata,Pitta and Kapha

Vata skin_
Is light ,dry and cool.Vata skin tends to wrinkle as it ages ,sensitive to mental stress which tends to show up in a tired stressed look.

Pitta skin
Is more fair or rosy in colour,soft ,warm to touch.They may suffer from acne ,rashes, breakouts etc

Kapha skin
Is cool to touch,thicker,softer,oily  and smoother than other .They form wrinkles  very late in life.They may get pimples blackheads,moist type of eczema and water retention.

For vata skin
Because the skin is very dry ,moisturise the skin every night before going to bed after removing the make up.
Aloevera juice is a natural moisturizer.
*Keep the skin moisturized from the inside by drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day and eating plenty of sweet juicy fruits and avoid drying foods such as crackers
*Get to bed early and wake up early in the morning
*Daily abhyanga or oil massage to moisturize the entire body
*We provide special medicinal Oil massage and special herbal fascial according to the skin type to moisture and clear the skin.

For pitta skin
*Treatment should focus on calming your sensitive skin.
*Stay away from sunlight
*Avoid hot,spicy foods and include sweet bitter and astringent taste more to your diet

For kapha skin
*Proper cleansing is the most important thing in kapha skin
*Avoid oily and heavy food
*Eat light ,astringent and bitter foods.

If the skin is dry and sensitive it is considered as vata Pitta skin
If the skin is oily and sensitive it is kaphapitta skin.So the treatment varies according to the dosha predominence

Remedy for pimples
1.We provide special aryachoorna herbal facial ,which is very effective,pimples will disappear within 2_3sessions of treatments, along with some internal blood purifying herbal medicines.
2.Apply paste of cinnamon and honey and wash with luke warm water after 15mnts , do it three times in a week
Remedy for black discoloration of skin
1.we provide  special medicinal rice facial,the rice cooked in milk give you good complexion.
2.Grated potato with water _make a paste rubbed over face for 5minutes ,keep it for 20_30minutes,wash  with warm water and repeat for one month at home

Role of spices in beauty treatment
Ayurveda recommends spices in cooking because they aid digestion which helps overall health and is especially helpful in detoxifying and nourishing the skin.
Turmeric is a best friend of skin ,it purifies the deeper layers of skin and it's also an antioxidant.Cumin,fenugreek,pepper and turmeric purify the blood and fat tissue.

Eat plenty of proteins like mung bean dal ,organic dairy products such as wholemilk, panir and lassi,to nourish the skin which is good for all type of skin.

Sleep also plays an important role in maintaining youthful skin.Better to go to bed before 10pm and wake before 6am is the ideal time.Try to have the dinner atleast 2hrs before going to bed.
If somebody is struggling with sleep disorders will get great relief with ayurvedic relaxation treatments like head and foot massage with medicated oils and Sirodhara (warm medicated oil poured on the forehead along with head massage).

So an exercise routine ,stress free living and ample amount of sleep are equally important for glowing beautiful skin.Ayurveda provide these dimensions which include yoga,diet,life style modifications,herbal intake and ayurvedic detoxifying therapies.