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It is a condition which arises due to the pressure on the median nerve within the carpel tunnel narrow passage formed by the bones of wrist and flexor retinaculam (transverse carpel ligament).
Carpel tunnel is the area in the wrist where nerve enters the hand which is a very narrow passage. So any swelling or thickening from irritated tendons narrows the tunnel and make median nerve to be compressed causing numbness, pain, tingling sensation and weakness. Usually it affects the area supplied by the median nerve i.e palm, thumb ,index finger and half of ring finger.

Risk group getting CTS
Women are more affected than men because tunnel is smaller in women than men.
More common in people who perform repetitive motions of hand and wrist like typing, sewing, driving, painting, playing certain musical instruments.
Other medical causes includes arthritis of wrist, bone fractures, diabetes ,hypothyroidism , infections, rheumatoid arthritis.
Pain and numbness often appears in one or both hands during night, due to flexed position of wrist during sleeping.
Decreased strength to grip makes it difficult to hold small objects to form a fist.
In chronic condition and untreated cases wasting of thenar muscles, loss of sensation also observed.

In modern medicine it’s a surgical case .
Ayurvedic approach to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
It aimed at reducing inflammation and swelling in the affected fibrous tissue surrounding the wrist.
The main principle is to
1. Balance the vitiated vata dosha by diet
2. Change in lifestyle
3. External therapies like lepanam (application of herbal paste on affected area)
4. Pichu (keeping cotton soaked in warm oil)
5. Dhara(pouring of warm medicated oil)
6. Bandanam (bandaging the affected area with medicated oil.
7. Internal medicines appropriate to dosha
8. Detoxification therapies like panchakarmas
Stretching exercise like
Rubber band Finger stretches
This is strengthening exercises. Place an elastic around your fingers. Move your finger away from your thumb making the band tight .Allow to stay in place, expand and contract the band repeatedly.
Combination of all these therapies and exercise under supervision of experienced Ayurvedic practitioner will help you to get rid of this difficult condition without surgical intervention.