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Disc Bulge

Disc Bulge


A vertebral disc is the shock-absorbing structure between each vertebra.They are the rings of fibrocartilage and glycoprotein that separate your bony vertebral bodies while allowing movement at each spinal level, and enough room for the major spinal nerves to exit from the spinal canal and travel to your limbs.The annulus is the outer section of the spinal disc, consisting of several layers of multi-directional fibrocartilaginous fibres all densely packed to create a wall around the glycoprotein filled jelly-like disc nucleus.The fluid component, or disc nucleus, in the disc centre, is like the caramel inside a chocolate. It normally moves within the annulus adjusting to the pressures placed on your spine.
However, if you injure the annulus, the wall weakens and the nucleus can press outwards on the weakened disc wall, causing your disc to bulge outwards.A disc bulge (commonly referred to as slipped disc, can potentially press against or irritate the nerve where it exits from the spine. This nerve pinch can cause back pain, spasms, cramping, numbness, pins and needles, or pain in your legs.Lumbar disc herniations occur in the lower back, most often between the lumbar vertebral bodies .
Bulging Lumbar Disc Symptoms:
A bulging disc injury is suspected when your back pain is aggravated by Sitting, forward bending, coughing or sneezing,lifting.It can be either acute or chronic
Severe lower back pain,Sciatica, leg pain, pins and needles, numbness or weakness ,or altered nerve sensations are commonly associated with more severe disc pathologies.
Altered bladder and bowel function can indicate a severe disc pathology, which should prompt immediate medical assessment.
Bulging Lumbar Disc Treatment
PHASE I –Pain Relief & Protection
The treatments will be aimed at improving the blood circulation and to remove the severe inflammation and pain to a major extend.It may include internal medication,medicinal paste application or churnapindaswedam decided according to the patients condition after consultation.
PHASE II - Bulging Disc External treatments
These are the major treatments done for disc bulge which include patrapotalaswedam ,kateevasti,lumbar traction ,stone treatments ,kayasekam ,shashtikapindaswedam ,mamsapindaswedam etc.

PHASE III - Restoring Full Function
The internal medications and Ayurvedic physiotherapies are Aimed at restoring the ful functions of low back and the lower limbs.
PHASE IV - Preventing a Recurrence
Back pain does have a tendency to return. The main reason it is thought to recur is due to insufficient rehabilitation. In particular, poor compliance with deep abdominal and core muscle exercises. You should continue a version of these treatments and life style modifications routinely a few times per week or a month as per the advice of the doctor.
Treatment duration:
The duration of treatments can be planned only after a physical examination during consultation or with investigations if necessary .It can vary from 7 days to 28 days according to the severity of the case.
The treatments are giving perfect results even to those who are bed ridden and those who are advised surgery.
The treatments provide symptomatic relief and perfect long lasting cure if done under expert consultation and supervision.