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About Kottakkal Ayurveda


The "KOTTAKKAL AYURVEDIC TREATMENT CENTER" offers an extensive menu of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments, integrating the traditional Kerala Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga. Our motto is "Lokasamsthasukhinobhavanthu" — meaning every single person in the world should be healthy. Our personalized therapy and various programs are designed to meet individual needs and health goals like de-stress, detoxification, cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-ageing, weight loss, massage therapies, effective & result oriented dietary, and more. Also offers guidance in the areas of nutrition and exercise. The lifestyle of people around the globe especially in the developed nations is more inclined towards a very fast paced life which includes consumption of food which just fills the stomach but has no nutritious value. Food which is mostly filled with toxic & artificially generated elements like preservatives, colors and flavors that actually serves as poison to the body rather than nutrition. Kottakkal's authentic and renowned aryurvedic treatments are the answers to almost every ailment or illness, especially of those resulting from unhealthy food and stressful lifestyles. Kottakkal encourages a very natural and toxic free wellness to the body and this is the door to a healthy and refreshing lifestyle. With the best treatments for almost every illness and disease.Kottakkal provides health and wellness solutions to all. It truly gives meaning to the saying - "Health is Wealth".

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