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Migraine is derived from Greek word meaning hemicranial, ie half skull. It is unilateral headache which is pulsatile in nature.

Migraine is the condition which is having high incidence rate world wide. Women are affected more in her reproductive age.


  1. Classic Migraine

It’s neurologic and having visual defect.

  1. Common Migraine

Unexpected onset of hemi cranial or generalized headacheswithout any visual defect.

But both may be preceded by vague premonitory changes in mood and appetite.


  1. Often hemi cranial
  2. Throbbing or aching character precipitated by physical exertion
  3. Anorexia, vomiting, nausea.
  4. Headache with episodic precipitated by dietary intake like alcohol, Tyra mine rich foods like chocolate, alcoholic beverages, cheese, yoghurts, soya sauce, spoiled or pickled or smoked or fermented meat specially meat and fruits like avocados, banana, pineapple, figs, red plums, Ras berries, peanuts.

In Ayurveda perspective, migraine is named ardhavabhedaka. It’s a vatadosha dominant disease with associate pitta or kaphadosha involvement.  Ojokshayakara causes like stress and anxiety also plays role in migraine attack.

Ayurvedic management

Main aim is to increase agni( metabolism) as there will be agnimandyam(low digestive fire) in migraine and vatashamana or vatakaphasamana chikitsa.


1.Sodhana Chikitsa like virechana(Purgation),Nasyam(Nasal drops)

2.Samanachikitsa like vata/vatakaphasamana oral medicines.


4.External therapies like shirodhara plays an important role for treating the  triggering factors like stress .

 Migraine Regimen

      1.Do Not skip breakfast

     2.Avoid citrus fruits, banana,plums,raisins,avocados,red wine, coffee,tea,hot chocolate,cola

  1. Avoid pork, processed meat like sausages as it contain nitrite and nitrate.


  1. Always include dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli peas ,spinach which are rich in calcium and magnesium.
  2. Seafoods, oats, fish and fish oils
  3. Garlic , pepper mint , ginger
  4. Fresh soup
  5. Follow low carbohydrate diet.