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Now forget your obese body and start dreaming for a well-shaped one. Kottakkal's Special natural treatments not only help to reduce the weight but also help you to shape your body and lighten your skin too. This therapy also stimulates internal organs & blood circulation and energizes your body & mind. Join us today and get the Fit & Glowing body. The package includes different types of therapies on alternate days only, which will decide by our experts after personalized consultation.

Special offer

  1. 15 DAYS PACKAGE(7 sessions)

       Normal rate – AED 2000/      Promo offer only AED 1500/-  , Save AED 500/-

  1. 30 DAYS PACKAGE(14 sessions)

      Normal rate- – AED 3800/      Promo offer only AED 2800/-  , Save AED 1000/-

  1. 90 DAYS PACKAGE(44 sessions)

       Normal rate – AED 10000/      Promo offer only AED 8000/-  , Save AED 2000/-