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Summer Package- Beat the heat

                                                                   Summer  Package

Beat the heat with Ayurveda-Refresh &Regain your body

Our cooling, summer treatment is a combination of therapies that cools the body and refreshes the mind during the lethargic summer months. It nourishes the skin and relaxes the muscle tissues and replenish the organs. It helps to relieve strained eyes and mind and also helps in moisturization of your body and retention of nutrients.

3 DAYS SPECIAL PACKAGE-                Normal rate    AED 775     Special offer  35%  DISCOUNT



AYURVEDIC HERBAL REJUVENATION MASSAGE- This full-body massage focuses on maximum penetration of herbal oils/herbal extracts and release of muscular tension. It is followed by a steam bath and a hot shower. 150 AED


HERBAL HEAD PACK-Cooling herbal head pack to distress and relax mind &body. Useful in eye strains, hyperactive conditions, premature graying and hair loss- 175 AED

HERBAL FACE CLEANSING- Natural purifying and cleansing properties of herbs refreshes your skin, leaving your complexion supple and dewy – 100 AED


MEDICATED HERBAL-PORRIDGE MASAGE- involves massage of the body with a bolus of cooked medicated rice  in milk and a herbal decoction . One of the best treatment to strengthen the muscles, nerves and joints and also moisturize, softens and enhances the skin complexion.- 350 AED

                                                                                          NORMAL PACKAGE RATE – 775 AED/

                                                          SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER - 35% DISCOUNT  VALID TILL 30/07/17