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Summer care
Ayurveda is an ancient system of preventative health care, rejuvenation and longevity. Ayurveda is a way of life that creates harmony by teaching you to honor your individual nature, while consciously following the rhythms and cycles of the natural world.

Depending on your constitution, summer may increase your internal sense of harmony, or it may aggravate one of your innate tendencies. For example, a hot-natured individual who prefers a cool climate may love the winter, but will feel hotter than most—to the point of discomfort—as the heat of summer intensifies. On the other hand, someone with chronically cold hands and feet, who never seems to be able to stay warm in the winter months, will experience exactly the opposite: long, cold winters will be a challenge and you will relish the heat of summer
One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that our habits, routines, and dietary choices should ebb and flow with the seasons. We can support an improved state of balance throughout the year by making a conscious effort to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and by regularly adjusting our lifestyle and habits to accommodate the arrival of each new season. While this idea may at first seem daunting, many people find that the recommended seasonal adjustments come quite naturally and that a few simple changes can dramatically increase health and vitality.
During summer season, the mucous and water levels in our body and our environment dry up due to the powerful rays of Sun. Appetite, digestion power, and body strength of an individual decreases. Due to intense heat and dry wind, water resources get dried and the plants appear dry and lifeless. The strength of the person become less, deposition of VataDosha occurs in body KaphaDosha is pacified during this season.
Summer carries with it many health troubles such as heartburn, immoderate body heat and sweating, skin troubles like skin rashes, prickly heat and acne, inordinate stomach acidity, peptic ulcers, rough hair, moodiness and anger. As a result it is necessary to balance or somewhat clam down Pitta from inside with the help of various ayurvedic diets for cool summer.
Summer Diet
During the summer, our bodies naturally crave light foods and small meals that are easy to digest because the digestive fire—a strong source of internal heat—disperses in order to help keep us cool.
1. Being fully present with your meals while savoring the flavor and texture of your food will help minimize the risk of overeating. Summer is a time to favor the sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes and to relish in cool, liquid, even slightly oily foods.
2. This is the best time of year to enjoy fresh fruits and salads. It is also a great time to indulge in sweet dairy products such as milk, butter, ghee,buttermilk, milk shakes,, fresh seasonal fruit juices etc.
3. Drink lots of water throughout the day, as it benefits in flushed out all the toxic content from the body. As we all know seventy percent of our body is made up of water, thus it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated. Water is the main carrier of blood and oxygen to various organs of the body. It promotes the red blood cells by giving them with nutrients.

4. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your normal diet. Eat fruits containing vitamin c, that will provide plenty of energy.Vegetableslike asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, sweet potato, celery, green leafy vegetablesto be usedYou can club lots of fruits and eat as an enjoyable fruit diet for summer salad. Even blending some fruits to make fruit juices.

5. Salty, Spicy, sour taste and hot foods are to be reduced.


1. Stay in cool places
2. Apply sandal wood and other aromatic pastes over your body
3. Do light exercises like Pranayama, (Sheetali Pranayama) morning walks.
4.Wear light clothes.
5. Sleeping during day time is helpful.
6. Excessive exercise or physical activity should be avoided.
7.Alcoholic preparations, coffee, and tea are not recommend.
8. Avoid sun exposure during the day, especially from 11 am to 3 pm.

Common diseases of summer are heartburn, immoderate body heat and sweating, skin troubles like skin rashes, prickly heat and acne, inordinate stomach acidity, peptic ulcers, rough hair, moodiness and anger,sun stroke, exhaustion, indigestion, UTI, renal calculi, migraine, sleep problems and skin boils.

Ayurvedic treatments to prevent summer health issues:
Ayurveda provides with a wide range of herbs and formulations to help you overcome the heat issues.

Purgation treatment (purification) to reduce the hotness of the blood can be done with the advice of our expert physicians.

Ayurvedic special oil massages are very effective to keep the body conditioned in the summer season.
The other treatments done to manage summer heat are ShiroAbhyanga, Shirolepa,TailaDhara, TakraDhara, Talam,Ksheeradhara, Mukhalepa, Lepana of body with coolant herbs, Akshitarpana, shiropichu, shirobasti,herbal facial , etc.