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Trigeminal neuralgia is severe paroxysmal, sudden facial pain due to disorder of 5th cranial nerve.
It affects mainly adults especially elders.
The pain comes from one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve i.e. major carrier of sensory information from face to the brain.
Trigeminal nerve has 3 branches
1. Ophthalmic
2. Maxillary
3. Mandibular
People with trigeminal neuralgia commonly feels pain in maxillary and mandibular division.

There is no specific causes for the pain. But may be due to compression on nerve by tumor or intracranial artery or the venous loop compressing at its root entry zone into brain stem.
1. Pain in areas supplied by trigeminal nerves i.e. cheek, jaw, teeth, gum, lips, eyes and forehead (one side of face at a time).
1. Episodes of severe shooting or jabbing pain that patient describes as an electric shock
2. Spontaneous attacks of pain triggered by touching the face, chewing, speaking and brushing teeth.
3 .Episodes of several attacks lasting from few seconds to months.
4. Sleepless nights.
1.Clinical diagnosis
2.MRI OF BRAIN to rule out presence of tumor or multiple sclerosis.
It comes under ananta vatam, Where aggravated vata is in kapha sthana (head).
Always treatment starts with medicine to pacify vata with usna veerya oushadas.
External therapy like lepanam( on face), abhyangam, nasyam, ksheera dhumam , shiro vasti are effective and these procedures are to be done only under the guidance of an ayurvedic physician.