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                                                   VARICOSE VEIN

Varicose vein is a common health hazards among long standing people, older people and obese/ weight loading people.

Vein is said to be varicose when its is dilated, tortuous and elongated.

Varicose ulcer is a clinical manifestation of chronic venous insufficiency.


Normally blood from superficial venous system is passed to deep veins through perforators and then blood is pumped to heart  with help of limb muscle contraction and negative intrathoracic pressure and competitive veins. This mechanism is hampered in varicose vein due to destruction of  venous valves ,perforators of superficial veins.  As a  result vein got distended, tortuous and elongated. The dysfunction of venous valves causes venous hypertension which stretches veins and cause ulcer.

Lower limb is most common site of venous disorders. Due to prolonged standing blood in vein along with gravity puts pressure on weak valves of vein leading to varicosity of long and short saphenous veins and also  calf muscle cannot push blood upwards.

Obesity leads to varicose veins is due to poor support of fatty tissue in subcutaneous veins.

Varicose vein after pregnancy is due to the pressure on inferior vena cava  by pregnant uterus causing obstruction to the blood flow.

In old age , atrophy and weak valves of veins leads to varicose veins.

In athletes, forcible contraction of calf muscles cause varicose vein.

Static blood within superficial veins led to hypoxia causes tissue death and then leads to venous ulcer.


Ayurveda consider it as siragata vata or siragranthi involving vata and rakta as main dosha predominance with sira /blod vessels as main dushya.

According to ayurveda acharyas ,it is caused due to excess of vyayama I,e exercise or like related activities done by atiheena person or weak person cause tortuous and distended vein which is painful .

Management of varicose vein in Ayurveda

  1. Upanaha chikitsa i.e herbal paste application and wrapping the limb with vata hara leaves.
  2. Sira vyadha chikitsa or jalouka chikitsa /blood letting

Jalouka chikitsa or leech therapy is one of main treatment in varicose vein where leech is made to suck the blood from vein . Leech saliva contains an anticoagulant enzyme Hirudine which is having thrombolytic action and enhance proper circulation.

  1. Appropriate Ayurvedic Oral medication to be given to reduce pain and swelling and to strengthen the valves.
  2. Mrdu abhyangam ( mild massage) to correct circulation.

 Conservative management

 Compression stocking , foot elevation and regular wound dressing if ulcer is there.