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Winter season regimen-health through Ayurveda-(Health in Hemanta and Sisira ritu)

As per Ayurveda, during winter, the predominant rasa and mahabhuta (taste and constitution) are bitter and akasha guna respectively. So strength of person becomes less and agni (catabolism) remains in high state. Ayurveda describes how to live healthy during winter season.

Diet regimen to be followed

Do’s (pathya)

Ø Meat soup mixed with fat

Ø Food having sour as predominant taste

Ø Cereals, pulses, wheat/gram, flour products, new rice, corn are advised

Ø Ginger, garlic, haritaki, pippali

Ø Sugarcane products, milk and milk products .

Ø Vitamin D suppliments like salmon, tuna,cod liver oil,oyster, mushroom, soya products are to be included in your diet.

Don’t (Apathya)

Ø Avoid food having pungent , bitter (tikta) and kashaya (astringent) predominant taste.

Ø Under feeding should be avoided

Ø Light and cold food are to be avoided

Ø Avoid excessive walking and sleep at late night.        

Life style

Ø Abhyangam (Oil massage on the body) and bathing with lukewarm water relieves dry skin, relax muscles and relieves pain.

Ø Udwartanam (Application of powder instead of oil and rubbing   against hair follicle)

Ø Lepanam ( Application of paste prepared out of hot potent ayurvedic herbs) on the affected part or the body.

Ø Shiro abhyangam ( head massage)  to avoid dry scalp, dandruff, worsening of migraine etc which are quite common during winter.

Ø Sudation process ( swedanam ) like steambath, leaf bag massage, powder bag massage to relieve cold , pain ,stiffness in the body

These are the common regimen to be followed during winter season. This can vary according to individual/patient condition.