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neck pain ayurvedic treatment massage dubai ajman
09 May

Neck Pain& Ayurveda

Ayurveda and Neck Pain A middle aged male patient, who is working as a driver in Dubai for 10yrs came to consult me in our clinic with pain around shoulder …

Young beautiful woman having painful stomachache.Chronic gastritis. Abdomen bloating concept.
29 January


IBS is a functional bowel disorder in which abdominal pain is associated with defecation or a change in bowel habit.   ETIOLOGY Most of the symptoms are response to Psychosocial …

Abhyangam Full Body Ayurvedic Massage Dubai Ajman
02 January


This full-body massage focuses on maximum penetration of herbal oils/herbal extracts and release of muscular tension. It is followed by a steam bath and a hot shower. Abhyangam is a …

ayurvedic foot massage dubai ajman
02 January

Hasthabhyangam & Padaabhyangam

Like reflexology, these involve treatment of the hand and foot. A scrub is performed using a mixture of herbs and lentil flour to remove dead skin and improve circulation. It …

marma ayurvedic massage dubai ajman
02 January

Marma Abhyangam

This is a full-body massage that restores balance through “marma” (the vital energy points in human body). It is at these points where massage can most effectively rebalance the system …