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Young beautiful woman having painful stomachache.Chronic gastritis. Abdomen bloating concept.

IBS is a functional bowel disorder in which abdominal pain is associated with defecation or a change in bowel habit.



Most of the symptoms are response to Psychosocial factors Altered gastrointestinal motility Altered viceral sensation Luminal factors



1. Abdominal pain – Pain in left or right illiac fossa or hypogastrium May be continuous, cholicky,diffuse or localized Relieved by defecation Provoked by food

2. Altered bowel habit-constipation or diarrhoea

3. Bloating of abdomen

4. Rectal mucus

5. Feeling of incomplete defecation

6. Awareness of intestinal peristalsis,nausea,anorexia,tiredness

7. Tenderness of abdomen



No morphologic,histologic,microbiologic or biochemical abnormality in the intestine. Changes occur in gut motility Intraluminal pressure increases due to constipation and pain Increased frequency of pressure waves


IBS can be considered under vishtabdajeerna, bayatisara or grahani. Here the pakwasaya gata vata (samana and apana) got vitiated in rasa dhatu and inturn pureeshavaha srothas creating atipravrthi or sanga . The treatment aims on empowerment of agni, normalization of movement of vata and management of stress. Treatment includes oral medcications and panchakarma therapies like sneha vasti, avagaha swedana , murdani thailas, etc depending on the patient conditions.