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Know your Prakriti – Dosha Balancing Diet for Pitta, Vata, Kapha

Prakriti Ayurveda Body Analysis Pitta, Vata, Kapha

Ayurveda classifies people on the basis of prakriti. prakriti is the constitution or the body type of an individual. Prakriti is formulated by the condition of tri doshas at the time of the union of sperm and ovum inside the uterus during fertilization.

Predominance of any one or two or the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) decide the prakriti of an individual. So the prakriti is the genetically determined anatomical, physiological and psychological constitution of an individual. Opposite to prakriti is the vikriti (diseased state)

For a patient, prakriti analysis is important, as once the normalcy is known then only the abnormality can be found out. Then the vikriti analysis in order to understand the nature and severity of diseases, its prognosis, selection of medicine and their doses, preventive measures in diet, diurnal and seasonal regimen.

An expert Doctor can correctly identify the prakriti and can advice the customized diet and regimen for an individual to stay healthy.

Generally the following are the regimen to be followed by the three main groups of prakritis:

Kapha Prakriti:

  1. Food when it is hot, and in moderate quantities.
  2. Include food made from rice flour.
  3. Among vegetables include bitter gourd, green leafy vegetables, ginger, corn.
  4. Include cumin, turmeric, fenugreek seed, green gram, honey.
  5. Fruits like pomegranate, banana, apple is best.
  6. Drink water mixed with honey or lemon juice, or water boiled with dry ginger can be used.
  7. Do exercises daily
  8. Avoid excessive sleep or excess use of AC or fan
  9. Limit the intake of fatty, oily, fried foods, sweets
  10. Limit dairy products, egg, meat, salty, chilled food.

Vata Prakriti:

  1. Drink lukewarm water or the water boiled with cumin seeds
  2. Porridges with ghee, meat soups, green gram soup, butter milk are best.
  3. Calcium containing foods like egg, milk, fish.
  4. Banana, fibrous vegetables
  5. Oil application over body recommended
  6. Sleep at proper time, moderate exercise, meditations and yoga are adviced.
  7. Limit those food creates constipation, bakery, fried food
  8. Avoid food containing low fibre.

Pitta Prakriti:

  1. Sour and bitter tasted foods are best.
  2. Porridges with ghee, vegetable soups, oats, wheat are well advised.
  3. include butter and milk in diet
  4. Give importance to coriander, turmeric, soya mint.
  5. Different gourds are good, dates, banana, pomegranate, grape, gooseberry, watermelon, mango are recommended.
  6. Fruit juices and tender coconut.
  7. Control spicy, salty, more masala food, pickles.
  8. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and other addictives.
  9. Less use of mustard, curd, garlic, tomato, less use of fermented food, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee.
  10. Use cold water to drink.