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Why is Exercise So Important for Women?

Today’s women stand for workplace equality and gender equality. At the same time, they stand for equality and rights within the family. Meanwhile, women are worried about the health of our family. But also lags in terms of their own health (mental and physical).

The woman who takes on all the responsibilities of the house does not show the same zeal in her health fluctuations as she does when she pushes her husband or son’s wire or when his cholesterol or sugar goes beyond the limit and constantly reminds him to exercise.


It is an antidote for many health problems that plague women in general, such as intermittent back pain, morning muscle cramps, fatigue at the end of the day, menstrual problems during menopause and menopause, unwanted mood swings, infertility problems, and physical difficulties as a mother.
“We’re busy with housework all day, so busy that we cannot sit still. It’s not good for our health, why another exercise.” This is the answer that women get when they ask about exercise.

Those who are like that can say a few things to pay attention

– Exercise is not about moving the body. Is to strengthen the body.
– To strengthen the muscles with exercise.
– To detoxify the body.
– To revitalize the body.
– Exercise is to relax.

You can go to the gym, practice yoga, or just take off your shoes and walk around the house. That’s enough for exercise. You must start to be great. It will become a habit later. Do not think that exercise is only for those who sit idle at home or go for size zero. This must be done by all as well as food, sleep, and personal hygiene. Exercising not only aims to make the body sweat, but also to relax and soothe the body.

The next time you wake up your husband or son early in the morning and tell them to run, remember that you too need physical fitness. Join them.
Regular exercise will give new life to your days. Follow through.

Dr. Aneesa Hassan BAMS, MSC CFT. is an expert in the field of Psychotherapist, Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation.

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